How Effective Is Vine As A Marketing Tool

Even though Vine is the leading video sharing social networking site, not many people are familiar with it. It has been launched in June 2012 and has been acquired by twitter. Thus it is more commonly known as the video sharing app for twitter and twitter users are generally familiar with it. Nowadays social networks are the hot spot for business marketing and promotion. Business firms and companies have already started using Vine for marketing purposes.

As a tool for Marketing

I came to know about Vine in the last year. I had been very interested by its scope for business promotion since I own a small business of my own. Vine uses an in-app camera to shoot and upload videos of maximum length of 6 seconds. I realized that this app can be used to share video teasers for our upcoming products. This can be more effective than uploading simple pictures. But in order to ensure that you have a good number of viewers for your videos, you will have to acquire a large number of followers. This can be done easily. You can simply buy Vine followers with the help of money.

Vine is suited for business promotion, since it is easy to share the videos uploaded here on other social networking sites. Also since it is a mobile app, you can use it for business promotion anywhere and anytime.

How effective is Vine

Even though you can buy facebook followers in exchange of money, you won’t get real followers in substantial numbers since Vine has not reached the popularity level of the other social networking sites. And the fact that it is available in only a few platforms hampers its accessibility. So, I will advise you to refrain from spending a large sum of money for using Vine as a marketing tool.

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Vine: The Latest Craze In The Social World

If you love sharing videos with your friends, then Vine is the app for you. It is the leading social networking site which allows you to upload 6 second length videos. It became popular in a short while mainly due to the backing of twitter. Like all other social networking sites, there is provision for people to like and follow each other. And if you feel left out when you do not have sufficient followers, you can always buy Vine followers. I am hooked into Vine since I love sharing videos over photos.


  • It is the official video site for twitter. And thus it is very easy to follow each other through twitter accounts.
  • The 6 second time limit is not a limitation, I feel it is a challenge to showcase your creativity within that six seconds. The likes and number of followers is the reward for your creativity. If you fell you are not being rewarded justly, then you can always buy Vine followers.


Even though I am very much into Vine, it has certain flaws.

  • It is not available on every platform yet.
  • I will advise the parents to monitor the contents of their child, since Vine is infested with explicit adult contents.

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How You Can Increase Followers On Vine Without Buying Them

There have been many video sharing social networking sites but none of them has yet been able to make a mark. Vine is the latest video sharing app. It is backed by twitter, which is a very popular social networking site. Vine was launched on June 2012, and just prior to its launch, it had been acquired by twitter. Even though it is quite new in the world of social networks, due to the backing of twitter, it has already established itself as one of the leading video sharing social networking sites. This app is exclusively for mobiles and it allows uploading videos of maximum length of 6 seconds. Like every other social networking sites, Vine also has options for people to like and follow each other. I am going to tell you how you can increase followers on Vine instead of having to buy Vine followers. 

Reason for popularity

The main reason for the growth in popularity of Vine is the fact that it offers a fresh and innovative content to the users. Sometimes it is not possible to express your thoughts or activities just through a picture. You can say a lot more through videos. I personally feel short videos are more captivating and interesting than a mere photo. I can express my thoughts and activities more clearly with the help of a video. It also allows space for creativity. Some people might feel that the short time limit of the video might be a shortcoming, but I personally feel that it adds to the charm and creativity. Most people might not find the time to go through a lengthy video, but everyone will find time to go through a six second video.


Just like any other social networking sites, the number of followers you have plays an important role in determining the number of viewers you get for your videos. At first when I joined Vine, I found it quite hard to acquire followers. But then I learnt that I can easily buy Vine followers in exchange of money. There are many companies available online who can help you to buy followers for vine. Even though the followers are real, but the increase in the number of followers boosted my viewers list.

Vine can be used to share videos from real life. You can show your creative skills through your videos. You can also post a funny video or an educational video. I have a music band of my own and I use Vine to promote my band. I upload teasers to our next upcoming songs. I have found that Vine has helped to increase the fan base of our band. The best thing is that the videos uploaded through Vine can be easily uploaded in the other social networking sites.


Before you go and spend money and buy Vine followers, keep in mind that Vine is still in its infancy and growing stage, and hence it has not reached people like the other social networking sites. Also it is not available for all platforms on the mobile OS.

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